Facebook Advertising

The Biggest Facebook Advertising Mistakes Your Business Could Be Making

Facebook may be the single greatest tool to be placed into the hands of a marketer or advertiser. Simply, Facebook knows everything there is to know about its users. It knows where they live, what they like, who their friends are, what they want, what their interests are…you get the picture!

All of that is information that your business can use to advertise itself on Facebook itself. Realizing the benefit, you’ve likely already made the decision to make Facebook advertising one of the pillars of your overall advertising and marketing strategy.

But, here’s the rub: Because all of that information makes advertising on Facebook seem easy, many businesses make huge mistakes with their Facebook advertisements. These mistakes are costing these businesses money, and they’re leading to Facebook advertising campaigns that are not nearly as effective as they could be.

Let’s take a look at some of the big mistakes, ones that your business could be making right now!

Set It and Forget It

Without a doubt, this is the biggest mistake that Facebook advertisers make. They believe that once they’ve built a successful ad, they can just let it run in perpetuity. Not so!

Facebook ads have an incredibly short shelf life, with some industry experts estimating that the average Facebook ad is only viable for three days. After that, Facebook users stop clicking, and you’re merely throwing money into a hole for all of those impressions. Make sure you’re constantly refreshing your Facebook ads to avoid falling into this trap!

One Ad at a Time

Facebook is a platform for people with short attention spans, something that’s evident in the way its website and its mobile applications have been designed. This means that seeing the same advertisements again and again can easily fatigue users. When this happens, these users will merely tune the repetitive ads out.

Obviously you don’t want that! This is why it’s always a good idea to run multiple ads at the same time. It keeps things fresh on the user side of the equation, and it gives your business a very important opportunity.

Not Monitoring

Businesses have a tendency to look at Facebook advertising as the icing on the cake of their overall marketing efforts rather than as the cake itself. As such, they don’t pay nearly as much attention to their Facebook advertisements as they should be.

Jumping off the last point, if you’re running multiple ads at the same time, you have the means to compare the effectiveness of different strategies. This allows you to better refine your copy, leading to more effective advertisements that see you realizing a greater and greater return on your investment. Remember this: an effective Facebook advertising campaign may be able to produce the greatest return on your investment of any campaign you have underway. That’s only possible if you’re monitoring the metrics!

Not Targeting

Even though businesses understand that so much information has been put in front of them, so many fail to leverage that information for all of its worth. Carefully consider the kinds of customers and clients that you’re trying to capture, and use the tools that Facebook has put in front of you to your advantage. Anything less is outright negligent!

Making it Work on Facebook

If you manage to avoid making these critical Facebook advertising mistakes, you should be in good position. However, enjoying the success that you want through your ads is going to take some time. It’s just like pay per click or any other Internet marketing you might be doing; it’s going to take some time! So, keep at it, and make sure you’re constantly learning from your failures and building upon your successes.