Rank Tracking

Rank Tracking

If you were asked what one of the most important things in search engine optimization is, how would you answer that? Most likely, you will say that it all has to do with keywords. Of course, there are other factors that matter, but keywords are extremely important. At the same time, using them correctly and using the right ones all matters too. Just because you pick out some keywords that sound good, they may not be the best options. This is why you need to know how to use rank tracking.

What Is Rank Tracking?

Essentially, it is possible to rank every keyword that you could use based on how often they are searched. This information can do a great deal for your website because you will know what keywords work and what ones do not. Right now, you may not be using the very best keywords, or even if you are, those numbers can change. A keyword that was at the top of the barrel yesterday may sink to the bottom tomorrow. You have to regularly keep abreast of this and adjust your content accordingly.

Rank tracking is available from a variety of different companies, and you can even do rank tracking through Google Analytics.

How Are Keywords Ranked?

Rank tracking depends on the keywords themselves and how they get ranked based on search engine data. The best way to understand keywords is to think of what you would search for if you were looking for something. For example, let’s say someone owns a bakery in Atlanta. What do you think people would search for if they wanted a bakery or baked goods?

Likely, it will be things like bakery in Atlanta, baker in Atlanta, Atlanta baked goods, baked goods Atlanta, GA. This is a good start. Likely, those terms would rank very high in keyword lists. However, some people don’t even search for bakery specifically. This is how rank tracking can help you. You may start coming across keywords that you would have never considered like:

Cakes in Atlanta, cookies in Atlanta, cupcakes in Atlanta, Atlanta wedding cakes, cake decorator in Atlanta, baker in Atlanta. Essentially, you have to think like a searcher and determine how they would look for a business like yours.

Going Beyond the Lines

However, do not just assume you can guess the keywords. Too many business owners try to do this, and they don’t even realize they aren’t using the right terms. This is when rank tracking can come into play. By using a rank tracking service, you will essentially be installing a small piece of code on your site. Then, when a visitor uses a search tool and gets to your website, this information will be recorded. That will give you a good idea of what keywords are being searched for and what ones are not. You may just be surprised to find that a number of keywords you have been depending on aren’t doing anything at all.

Search engine optimization shouldn’t be considered something you do once and then leave alone. It is a fluid thing that changes regularly. That’s because people search for different things and search engines change, You likely already know how important keywords actually are, but you may not realize that the specific keywords you use matter too. Just because a keyword sounds good to you doesn’t mean it will be an ideal option in reality. You need to use rank tracking to determine how keywords are ranked, which ones actually get searched, and what ones you should be using as well as those you should stop using ASAP.