Web Development

What to Look for When Hiring a Web Developer

If you’re not going to be designing and deploying your business’ website in house, then you’re going to need to hire a web developer. As it so happens, web development happens to be one of those fields where there are more service providers than you can shake a stick at. And, like all of those other fields, every web developer is not created equally.

Given that you may lack the knowledge to evaluate the qualifications of a web developer and to compare those qualifications with others, we’re going to outline the things that you should look for when hiring. Hopefully by evaluating potential developers along these lines, you’ll be able to find the web developer who will do the best job for your business!

A Proven Track Record

Given how important your business’ website is to your long-term success, the web developer you hire should be someone with experience. No doubt, you will be contacted by many “newbies” looking to gain your business, and they’ll use all kinds of fancy terms and buzzwords. Make sure your “B.S. Detector” is tuned up before you begin the search. Look for someone who’s been at it for awhile and who knows the ins and outs.

Someone How Can Communicate

At the core of every web development project is communication. The web developer that you hire isn’t someone who’s going to instinctively understand your business and what your needs are. Because of this, you’ll need to be able to communicate precisely what your needs are, whether they have to do with functionality that you need or branding elements that you need represented. When interviewing web developers, make sure that the person you hire is someone with whom you can communicate effortlessly.

Demonstrated Creativity

As you’re evaluating different web developers, you’ll necessarily want to look over their portfolios. Without a doubt, anyone who’s looking for your business will have a portfolio of websites that look and behave professionally. But, delve deeper, and look at the differences between one website and the next. Does it seem as if the web developer is offering completely custom solutions to his or her clients, or does it look like he or she is putting a new coat of paint on the same template time and time again?

The Rate

Naturally, you’re going to have a specific budget that you’re able to work with, and the web developer that you hire will need to work within that budget. Given the number of web developers out there, rates can vary wildly. Therefore, when you have a select number of developers with whom you’re comfortable, ask for written estimates from each. Compare and contrast their rates and what they seem to be charging for different services. Here, your hiring decision can be made or broken, but you can also use the different estimates to negotiate a beneficial rate with a web developer you find especially qualified.

What To Expect After Hiring

Once you’ve found a web developer who possesses the above skills and can offer you his or her services at a rate that makes sense for your budget, you’re off to the races. As mentioned earlier, communication is exceptionally important, and this communication should consider throughout the development process. At different times, you’ll likely be presented with prototypes and mockups. Make sure that you are always communicating your needs clearly and that the things you’ve asked for are reflected.

Remember also that communication is a two-way street. If you’ve hired the right web developer, he or she will be able to offer functionalities and design elements that you may not have thought of. Be sure you’re leaving room for the web developer to do his or her work, and you’ll be assured of ending up with the best website possible for your business.